A flooded basement is a big trouble for any homeowner. It would be best if you had a quick and practical plan to get rid of the water and prevent further damage. It is highly recommended to call an expert basement water damage cleanup/restoration company and have them come out to assess the situation.
When you have a flooded basement, focus on the following things to do.

1) Trace the source

Some of the familiar sources of basement flooding include:
a) Sewer or drain backup
b) Rising groundwater
c) Broken water pipe
d) Appliance failure
e) Heavy rains or storms or melting snow
When you identify the water source, you can take steps to repair it and prevent further flooding.

2) Shut off the power sources

You do not want the risk of electrocution or explosion. So shut off all power sources, including the main power switch for your home and any generators or other electrical equipment in the basement. Once the power is off, you can start working on clearing the water out of the basement.

3) Identify the water type

Three different types of water can flood your basement:
a) Clean water: This is typically from a broken pipe or appliance. It poses no health risks.
b) Gray water is contaminated water that can cause health problems if ingested. It may come from a toilet, sink, or washing machine.
c) Blackwater: This is the most dangerous type of water. It can contain sewage, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. If you encounter black water, you should seek medical attention immediately.

4) Start pumping the water out

You will need a sump pump to remove the water from your basement. You can rent one from a hardware store if you do not have one. Start by removing water with a wet/dry vacuum. Then, use the sump pump to remove any remaining water. Alternatively, you may hire a basement water extraction service to do this for you.

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