Water damages can cause a host of problems to your property. Structural damages and mold growth are just two problems that can occur from water damages. Once water damages happen, you must have the area cleaned and restored quickly to avoid any lasting damages. Below, we will discuss the water damage restoration process.

Water disasters happen quickly and without any notice, making them one of the many disasters that can spread rapidly and cause significant damages. Luckily, Disaster Cleanup Services has the tools and skills to provide water removal and water damage restoration to your property.

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is a process that includes water removal, damaged material removal, and drying. Water removal is completed using large pumps. This ensures all the standing water is removed from the property. Once this is completed, the area will be checked to see the extent of the damages. Once this part is completed, the area will be dried. To ensure all areas are dried high-powered fans are used. This process can take a while. Water is known to seep into areas we cannot see. This is water that is trapped beneath surfaces or behind walls. If this water is not dried, it will cause mold growth to occur and eventually rot. Special equipment such as infrared cameras is used to find any water so that it can be removed appropriately. Damaged materials will be removed and replaced. Some items can be salvaged. This generally includes furniture or tapestries and carpets. We can dry them and spray them to ensure no mold will form from the damages. Once the water is removed and the damages repaired, your property should look the same as it did pre-water damages.

If your property has experienced a water damage disaster, it is crucial that you call a professional as soon as possible. Speed is of the essence when dealing with water damages. Never attempt to remove the water yourself, as a disaster cleanup company has the tools and knowledge to remove the water safely and ensure your insurance claims are properly filed!