Water in your home can create major problems. Water can spread rapidly, entering different rooms of your property. The longer the time that water sits in your home or business the more significant the damages will be. It is imperative that you contact a professional for water extraction as soon as possible. Below, Affordable Water Damage Cleanup will discuss four times you need to call a professional!


Flood water is hazardous, as it can contain pathogens and other bacteria that can make you very ill. If you experience floodwater from an outside source, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. It is not only dangerous to your health, but it can cause fast damage to your home or business.


If sewage enters your home, it becomes an emergency. All types of sewage are hazardous; even clear water coming from your sewage system isn’t safe. Sewage contains diseases, viruses, and other harmful components. If your property has sewage, it is best to exit that area and contact a professional, as they will need to clean the area with specific cleaning products to ensure it is safe.

Fire Damage

Fires also cause water damage to your property. Homes that have been subjected to a fire will have significant water damage that will need to be extracted. The company can handle both fire damage restoration and water extraction in most cases. This can help with your insurance claims.

Storm Damage

Fallen trees and limbs are the number one culprit of damaged roofs. Storm damage can cause water to enter your home at an alarming rate. If this occurs, contact a professional, as they can tarp off the area, stopping any more water from entering your property.

If you need water extraction services, always call a professional. They have the tools to extract the water and provide you with water damage restoration for your property.