Water damages are caused as a result of several different factors. Water damages are considered an emergency, which should be handled quickly and professionally. Below, we will discuss the reasons water damages occur and the reasons you should hire a disaster cleanup service for your water damage cleanup and restoration.

Reasons For Water Damages

Water damages happen unexpectedly and can cause devastating damages to a property. Water can move quickly, affecting many areas of your property, along with any items in those rooms. Water damages occur for many different reasons.

Leaky Roofs
Roof damages are one of the main reasons we see water damage. Missing shingles, gutter, and structural damages can allow water to leak into your attic and between your walls. When this occurs, we often do not see it immediately. Water will sit in your attic and between the walls, causing rot and mold growth, which leads to even more extensive damages.

Leaky Pipes
Leaky or broken pipes can cause a massive influx of water into your home. If this happens, you could have significant flooding in the home, which will require major water damage cleanup and restoration of the property.

Faulty Appliances
Faulty appliances like your dishwasher or water tank can cause significant water damage to your property. You will likely not be aware immediately of the water entering your home, which will allow the water to cause damages.

Flash Flooding/Storm Damages
Storms and flash flooding can cause major water damage to your property. If you experience storm damage, it is important to contact someone immediately for tarp offs, water removal, and water damage cleanup.

Sewage can cause water damage to your home if it backs up into your home. If this occurs, it is crucial you do not try to remove the sewage yourself. Sewage is hazardous and can cause illnesses. Contact a disaster cleanup company immediately for sewage removal services.

Water Damage Cleanup

Water can cause damages to the floor, furniture, curtains, rugs, carpets, walls, and other areas of your property. Water can enter into areas you cannot see; because of this reason, it is crucial you call a disaster cleanup company for water damage cleanup. A professional disaster cleanup company will have infrared technology to find water beneath surfaces and between walls, allowing for total water removal. Water removal should be completed using large pumps that will remove most of the water. Once that process is finished, fans will be strategically placed in areas to promote drying. The job can take time, as all areas must be fully dried, including areas you cannot see, and damaged items will need to be removed and replaced. Once completed, areas will be cleaned with special cleaners to prevent mold growth. This is crucial. If all water Is not removed and the area is cleaned, rot and mold can occur. If you have water damages, contact disaster cleanup services as soon as possible.