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Affordable Water Damage Cleanup is your best choice for sewage cleanup in Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas. Sewage water is often contaminated and contains deadly pathogens that pose serious health risks. Sewage damage cleanup calls for expertise to thoroughly remediate sewage backups and breaks. Affordable Water Damage Cleanup handles both commercial and residential problems in the Boulder area. Colorado State and local regulations have to be adhered to when dealing with sewage. As per OSHA Regulations, all workers are required to be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment such as hand and eye protection and HEPA filtered respirators. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle sewage backup no matter how worse the problem is.

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You can contact us to handle the following problems:

  • Backflows from septic tanks
  • Sump pump failure
  • Floor Drain Backups
  • Rising water from streams or rivers

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