The thought of sewage makes most people cringe. No one wants to deal with dirty and smelly sewage, especially when it is inside the home. What do you do if you have sewage inside your home? Below, we will discuss the steps you should take to handle a sewage disaster on your property.

Remove Children and Pets From The Area

This first step is of most importance. Remove all children and pets from the area with sewage. All sewage is dangerous and can cause illnesses and diseases in humans and pets alike. Keep the area secured away from everyone in the home.

If Possible Turn Off Water To Your Home

Turn the water off if you know where your water shut-off valve is located. By turning the water off, you can limit the amount of sewage pouring into your home.

Contact A Disaster Cleanup Company Immediately

As we said above, sewage is hazardous. It contains pathogens, viruses, and other diseases that can be very harmful. For this reason, you should always contact a disaster cleanup company that handles sewage removal and cleanup. They have the tools, licenses, and equipment to remove the sewage and provide disposal.

Do Not Attempt Removal Or Cleanup Of Sewage

Even clear sewage contains hazards; because of this, never attempt to clean up sewage. You should always keep away from the sewage-damaged area and contact a professional. Once the area is free of sewage, professionals will clean the area with special cleaning agents to ensure the area is free of any bacteria that could make you and your family ill.

Sewage is something that can occur at any time, day or night. If you have a sewage disaster on your property, contact someone immediately to handle the removal and cleanup. Never risk doing it yourself!