Sewage backup can occur on your property for a variety of reasons, but what should you do if sewage is entering your home? Disaster Cleanup Services has all the answers to your sewage-filled questions below. Sewage removal and cleanup is an extensive process that requires a certified professional.

Why Should I Call A Professional For Sewage Removal and Cleanup?

The main reason to contact a professional for sewage removal and cleanup is safety. Yes, you read that right! Sewage is a hazardous material. Many people do not realize that sewage, even if it is clear, contains bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that can enter the air, making you and your family extremely ill. The next reason you should contact a professional is proper cleaning. Sewage will not be fully removed from your property without the appropriate equipment and cleaning agents. This can result in other damages to your property and possible illnesses to your family and pets.

Sewage Removal Process

The sewage removal process is a comprehensive process that certified hazardous material cleanup professionals complete. Below, we will discuss the sewage removal steps in detail so that you can be better prepared in the event you have sewage on your property.

Turn Of Water and Unclog Drains

The initial step is turning off the water on your property. This can help to stop sewage from entering your home. Once the water is off, the experts will assess the sewage situation and use equipment to spot the clogged or broken sewage line. Once this is accomplished, they can start to remove the sewage safely.

Remove Water and Sewage

Disaster cleanup professionals have powerful pumps and hoses used specifically for sewage removal. Sewage and water can spread to other areas quickly, so it is crucial that it is removed as fast as possible. Once the sewage has been pumped from your property, the area will need to be dried.

Drying Out Stage

The contaminated areas will need to be dried out completely. This step is important, as mold can form and sewage particles can enter the air, making you and your family sick. Large fans, dehumidifiers, and other equipment will be used to dry out the area.

Disinfection Stage

The final stage is cleaning the area. This is the most vital phase in the process because all harmful microorganisms will need to be destroyed. This helps to keep you and your family safe. Professional disaster cleanup companies will sanitize and clean the entire area. This step can take time, as it is important to destroy any viruses or bacteria from the sewage. Once the area is fully sanitized, your home should be safe and ready for you to continue your life.