Disasters can happen at any time and without warning. Floods are among the most common disasters affecting your home or business in Boulder, CO. In many cases, a flood may be due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado. However, there are also many cases where floods occur due to plumbing failures, roof leaks, or even storms. If your building has been flooded, it is essential to take immediate action to minimize the damage caused by the water.

Here are some reasons your building may be flooded:

Broken/Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts or breaks, it can cause a considerable amount of water to accumulate in your building. This can be especially disastrous if the break is located on a higher floor, as it will allow the water to travel down and flood multiple levels of the building.

Frozen Water Lines

Freezing weather can cause water lines to burst, leading to flooding. If undiscovered for too long, the broken pipe may be in a wall or the ground and release enormous amounts of water. This may cause the flood to spread to multiple floors in your building.

Storms and Heavy Rains

Heavy rainfall can cause flooding that affects an entire area, including your building. Before a flood, property owners must be prepared with emergency plans and strategies like sandbags or storm drains.

Damaged/Leaky Roofs

If your roof is damaged or leaking, it can lead to water accumulating in the building. This will eventually cause the flooding of multiple floors, depending on how severe the leak is. Common reasons for leaky roofs include standing water, debris, or faulty flashing.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks occur when the pipes under a building’s foundation have cracks. This can lead to water accumulation and flooding on multiple floors of your building. The most common causes for slab leaks are corrosion and age-related issues.

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